10 Essential Tools for Campervan Plumbing

These are the top 10 campervan plumbing tools to help with your campervan plumbing system for your DIY campervan conversion.
10 Essential Tools for Campervan Plumbing

10 Essential Tools for Campervan Plumbing

Designing and building your DIY campervan plumbing system can be daunting.

Whether you’re going for a simple foot pump system or a fully comprehensive plumbing system with hot water, there are some basic and essential tools you need to have at your disposal to get the job done.

We’ll also share some useful search terms for plumbing parts and connections to help you start your campervan plumbing system.

cloth van conversion essential tool

Campervan Plumbing Tool #1 – Cloths

Is this a tool? I’m going to say yes. Cloths are a MUST for plumbing. You will always have a leak somewhere when doing your plumbing system, and a set of cloths, rags, or anything absorbent is essential to quickly stop water from flooding your entire van.

A top tip is only to fill your water tanks a small amount when plumbing your system and testing for leaks. That way, you can’t have 100L of water flood everything!

pipe cutter van conversion essential tool

Campervan Plumbing Tool #2 – Pipe Cutter

What type of pipe you’re using for your cmpervna plumbing (plastic or copper), you’ll need a pipe cutter.

These allow you to cut the pipe easily, without rough edges and evenly, allowing for a water-tight seal.

ptfe tape van conversion essential tool

Campervan Plumbing Tool #3 – PTFE Tape

Not all threaded connections will need this tape, but its best to have a roll of PTFE tape lying around since it’s only a few quid and is super helpful for fixing minor leaks caused by threaded connections.

adjustable spanner van conversion essential tool

Campervan Plumbing Tool #4 – Adjustable Spanner

For those connections that require a spanner, having an adjustable spanner will help you tighten these connections in no time. These connections can be different sizes, so having the spanner adjustable is necessary.

hole saws van conversion essential tool

Campervan Plumbing Tool #5 – Holesaws

Holesaws are not something you think of when it comes to campervan plumbing, but for getting pipes through walls and floors, a hole in your kitchen counter for your tap, and into water tanks for bulkhead connectors, a set of holesaws are needed to do the job neatly.

You’ll also need a drill driver to put the holesaws in to use them.

hose clip pliers van conversion essential tool

Campervan Plumbing Tool #6 – Hose Clip Pliers

Hose clips are used everywhere in plumbing systems to ensure pipes stay where they are meant to and provide a waterproof seal. Using a pair of regular pliers, or preferably, hose clip pliers, means you can get a good grip and attaching these clips on securely.

mini screwdriver van conversion essential tool

Campervan Plumbing Tool #7 – Mini Screwdriver

You always need a screwdriver, and in a campervan plumbing system, this is no expectation. Having a mini screwdriver kit with flathead and crossheads means you can do up pipe clips, hose clamps and secure pipes and parts into place perfectly.

flexible tape measure van conversion essential tool

Campervan Plumbing Tool #8 – Flexible Tape Measure

These neat, flexible tape measures are often used for sewing, but for measuring pipe lengths around corners and in tight spaces, they are excellent. They’re cheap, and we always had at least one floating around when doing our plumbing and are much better than a ruler or normal rigid tape measure for measuring water pipe length.

pipe bender van conversion essential tool

Campervan Plumbing Tool #9 – Pipe bender

If you’re going with metal pipework, then having a pipe bender will save you hours of time, instead of cutting and soldering pipe connections together. The more connections in your plumbing system, the more chances you have for a leak, and although these tools are expensive, if you have metal pipework, it’s a must.

campervan plumbing diagram

Campervan Plumbing Tool #10 – Plumbing Diagram

Planning your plumbing system beforehand makes the job of doing your campervan plumbing oh so much easier.

Having a plumbing diagram of your system in front of you as a guide and plan helps you know what connections need to go where and how to arrange everything.

We have an example of our own plumbing diagram, which you can use to help you research and design your own.

Useful Plumbing Gear

As a bonus, below is a quick list of useful plumbing gear you’ll need for your Campervan Plumbing, with a link to help you get started.


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September 30, 2023

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