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get instant access to the full set of construction drawings (+ detailed dimensions) of how we built our $100 DIY Composting Toilet. Urine separator and ventilation instructions included.

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start you van build today - van conversion layout planning workshop

Instant Download

Get instant lifetime access to the detailed construction drawings and the do’s and don’ts compost toilet notes.

Detailed Measurements

Precise measurements instructing how to assemble the toilet unit – showing each join -from every angle.

van conversion consultation - van build 1-1 chat

Updates + Support

Need more advice? Ask us. Instructions include toilet upgrades + alternative options to help match your needs.

what is inside the planner?


Exact dimensions in a 62-page bundle detailing everything from how composting toilets work to how to build your own, in extreme detail.

saves hours and money

The campervan composting toilets on the market cost between $400-$1000+. Our DIY composting toilet costs $100. This resource will save you hours of research time, and hundreds of pounds in material costs (like it did for us).

removes guesswork

No more guessing how to arrange your tanks, #2 bucket and urine separator. How to ventilate the unit and how to make a fully portable toilet.


Every tool and material we used in our own build, are listed and linked. Allowing you to quickly find what you need and discover alternatives.

Hello Polly and Sam, thanks for following up.
I need your planner for the measurements of the sprinter. They are very detailed and really help.
We plan a Sprinter for 4 so the layout of your Van is not applicable, do you have a collection of “layouts”?


I looked so much for something like these technical drawings – love the underneath detail and roof ribs and the dimentions are super accurate.


Hey you two, just purchased the plans for crafter .. which I think are an absolute god send! the amount of time these will save is great!! Thaks so much for making this


Hello Polly,

Thank you for following up. I was super impressed with your attention to detail. You should be very proud of your work.



As an added BONUS we’ve included some tips and tricks of wisdom we wish we knew before building our composting toilet. This will help you design and build – while dodging some of the most common pitfalls.

helps you begin, step by step

We know how difficult starting can be – so we have illustrated and described each step in the building process with 3D sketches and real-life examples.

un-restricted support ticket

We are able to provide a lot of extra measurements and tips, that didn’t make the cut into the guide, but if you need them you can message us. The guide answers a lot of questions, but if it does its job correctly, it will raise many too. So let us know and we’ll do our best.

what’s the deal?


with lifetime access!


there is so much to learn!


lifetime updates and support!

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What is the DIY Compost Toilet Template Guide?

DIY Compost Toilet Template Guide is a 62-page design guide of templates – detailing everything from how composting toilets work to how to build your own, with millimetre precision. It contains construction drawings for you to use in the build of your own composting toilet (with measurements and notes.) 📝

How does it work?


Within seconds of purchasing, you’ll receive an email in your inbox with your instant PDF download.


The next step is to have a read-through, find the tools and materials you need and make decisions on what you need to modify for your own camper design. Then follow the steps as needed.

3) PRINT 🖨️

Print the guide or just the pages you need and start sketching.


No matter how many questions we answer, there will always be more. If you get stuck or you need a specific measurement (omitted from the guide) then all you have to do is ask us.

How much does it cost?

We think the reason so many people have been asking this question is that it sounds like it should cost a tonne! But… it doesn’t. 😉 That’s because we recognize that a lot of people in our community, aim to do their van conversions on a budget.

So, while the value of a DIY Compost Toilet Template Guide is well over $500 in hours of research time and market equivalent options, we’ve chosen to offer it all for just $29.

We aren’t planning to ever offer it at this crazy-low price again, so

Who's it for?

Let me start by saying… composting toiletsare not for everyone. The DIY Composting Toilet Template Guide is for motivated do-it-yourselfers who are willing to put the time into their projects. The templates help you get a clearer picture of how composting toilets work and educate you on the alternative ways to build one for your own needs. 

The guide is for people who like to wake up in the morning, of a big building day, and know what to expect of the tasks ahead.

If this sounds like you, then this guide can really save you time and money and get you travelling the world that much sooner. 🌍

It might NOT be the best fit for you if measurements don’t matter to you or you just like to wing it and build it. If you are not willing to put in the time to build the box yourself and you have the spare $1000 to spend on a fancy poop bucket.

Building anything meaningful (and sustainable) takes time, and converting a van to a campervan is no exception. We want a community of people who recognize this and are committed to their dreams of freedom.

The #1 reason you should get the Templates

You want to poop on a budget but you don’t know-how.

But getting started can be tough — especially when you don’t know WHERE to even begin. The DIY Compost Toilet Template Guide gives you clear Action Plans and the Starter Kit tools you need to build your own toilet. 🥳

What van are these construction templates suitable for?

This composting toilet is suitable for any camper or space, depending on your available room. This guide, tells you the fixed measurements of our toilet, but it also tells you how you can modify the design to fit your needs. If you need the toilet smaller, there is plenty of information in the guide to lead you through the project.

Can I get a refund?

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered via internet download and available for instant access we typically do not offer refunds.

Refund requests made after you have downloaded our product are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at our sole discretion.

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