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THE MAN VAN floorplan


Get instant access to the full set of scale drawings (with detailed dimensions) of a L3H2 MAN Van Floorplan 2018-current, to help you with your campervan conversion.

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start you van build today - van conversion layout planning workshop

Instant Download

Get instant lifetime access to the full collection of MAN Van Floorplan and layout planner.

Detailed Measurements

Every detailed interior and underneath MAN Van measurements, from every angle.

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Updates + Support

Need an extra measurement? Ask us. All subscribers get any future updates after purchase.

How we used the MAN van floorplan?

what’s inside the floorplan?

over 180 pages of templates and dimensions

Exact dimensions in a 180-page bundle (150+ sketches) detailing everything from the MAN van’s roof, ceiling, walls, windows, wheel arches, and floor, down to the underneath of the van, in extreme detail.

saves hours and money

This MAN Van floorplan will save you hundreds of hours of research time, and thousands of pounds in wasted material costs (like it did for us).

removes guesswork

No more guessing how big the space is and what you can fit there. It helps you locate the best places to mount your furniture and your framing for more structurally secure connections, for a smoother van conversion.

Random Van Build Wisdom

As an added BONUS we’ve included some tips and tricks of wisdom we wish we knew before our van conversion. This will help you design and build – while dodging some of the most common pitfalls.

helps you begin, step by step

We know how difficult starting a van conversion can be – so we have added some exercises to guide you through your campervan conversion and layout design.

un-restricted support ticket

We can provide a lot of extra measurements, that didn’t make the cut into the floorplan, but if you need them you can message us. The planner answers a lot of questions, but if it does its job correctly, it will raise many too. So let us know and we’ll do our best.

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with lifetime access!


there is so much to learn!


lifetime updates and support!

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What is the MAN Van Floorplan?

The MAN Van Floorplan is a 180-page design guide bundle of templates – detailing everything from the MAN van’s roof, ceiling, walls, and floor, down the underneath of the van, in extreme detail, with millimetre precision. It contains blank drawings for you to print and design your camper on and duplicate drawings with measurements and notes. 📝

How does it work?


Within seconds of purchasing, you’ll receive an email in your inbox with your instant PDF download.


The next step is to have a read-through, and find the actionable exercises that will lead you through the initial layout design push. Then use the templates as needed.

3) PRINT 🖨️

Print the bundle, or just the pages you need and start sketching.


No matter how many questions we answer, there will always be more. If you get stuck or you need a specific measurement (omitted from the bundle) then all you have to do is ask us.


You’ll start seeing your layout take shape as you complete the exercises and study the templates. As you know more about the space you are to work in, the easier the problem-solving becomes.

Who's it for?

Let me start by saying… it’s not for everyone. The MAN Van Floorplan is for motivated do-it-yourselfers who are at the beginning of their van build and need a clearer picture of the space they are going to be working in.

If you want to start your van conversion, even before you get your van then the planner will get you on the right path.

The planner is for people who like to wake up in the morning, of a big building day, and know what to expect of the tasks ahead.

If this sounds like you, then this planner can really save you time and money and get you travelling the world that much sooner. 🌍

It might NOT be the best fit for you if measurements don’t matter to you, if it’s for the wrong vehicle or if you expect this layout planner to have fully detailed layout examples (this planner is for you to fill it with your designs, not ours).

Building anything meaningful (and sustainable) takes time, and converting a van to a campervan is no exception. We want a community of people who recognize this and are committed to their dreams of freedom.

What van is this floorplan suitable for?

The schematics are most accurate for LWB MAN (2018 – current) and LWB VW Crafter (2018 -current).

If you wish to get any other van and would like this type of resource, click here to see which vans are in the pipeline.

Alternatively, if you can’t find your van, please to register your interest.

What if I can't decide whether or not to buy?

Well, the beauty of having lifetime support and updates – if there is something missing… all you have to do is ask.

We are able to provide a lot of extra measurements, that didn’t make the cut into the planner, but if you need them you can message us.

The planner answers a lot of questions, but if it does its job correctly, it will raise many too. So let us know and we’ll do our best.

So essentially, you are getting an un-restricted support ticket. 😀

Can I get a refund?

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered via internet download and available for instant access we typically do not offer refunds.

Refund requests are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at our sole discretion.

The #1 reason you should get the Floorplan:

You have BIG dreams and you’re ready to take action and make them happen. But getting started can be tough — especially when you don’t know WHERE to even begin. The LWB MAN Van Floorplan gives you clear Action Plans and the Starter Kit tools you need for success. 🥳

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