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Our Courses

We've created dedicated courses to help streamline the process to convert a van. From the research and design to the actual build - wherever you are and whatever you need to convert a van, we are here to help.

12 Volt Planet

12 Volt Planet is a super and reliable supplier of 12v volt electrics. If you are to convert a van and building a DC electrical system, 12 volt planet has a wide range of components all stored in the same place.

Bimble Solar

Going Solar? Bimble solar is a great supplier of solar panels and related 12v volt electrics when you convert a van. Bimble solar has components all stored in the same place to build your off-grid campervan system.

Roamer Batteries

Full-time vanlife changed when we upgraded to roamer lithium batteries. Roamer, with their super customer service, provide 10 years warranty and peace of mind. Perfect when you are converting a van.

TheftStop - Bearlock

Since installing Bearlock in our camper we feel calmer leaving our van. Bearlock is a mechanical gear stick locking system, which locks your gearstick in reverse. Quote 'FREEDOMSTRIDER' when booking.


Want to know how to convert a van into a campervan and successfully create a life of freedom and adventure? Head over to our YouTube channel for a whole bunch of FREE content!


Tractive has given us piece of mind when we park up our campervan and let our 2 travelling cats out to explore. Keep your pets safe when travelling with Tractive pet gps tracker use the link below to get 30% discount.


For vanlifers we are, audiobooks have been a great space-saving trick and the best entertainment for long road trips. Audible is one of the best ways to consume books on a road trip, during work and when multitasking.


Skillshare is our go to online course platform to learn how to make money remotely whilst living on the road. Learn how to start a business or how to find a remote employer and manage your time.

Transfer Currency Abroad

We have used Wise (TransferWise) globally to transfer larger amounts of foreign currency when travelling abroad for a long trip - in a secure way and at a good exchange rate... it has saved our butts a few times.


Using Notion for keeping track our van conversion was a game changer. With notion we could create any page and group them so the information was easy to find. It FREE to stay organised, totaly recommend it.