Van Conversion Van Headliner Removal

See how to remove a van headliner compartment to open up space for a sprinter headliner shelf.
Van Conversion Van Headliner Removal

It’s time to start installing our headliner shelf, but before we do that, the pesky little headliner is blocking our thought process and wasting a lot of space (plus becoming a home for spiders), so it has to go. We show you a step-by-step guide on how to remove your van’s headliner in preparation for insulation and a future headliner shelf, along with a handy PDF template for your headliner shelf in a Sprinter van.


Since the seat belt plastic column needs to be removed, we have to detach the seat belt from the seat.

We used a simple T50 Torx Allen Key and removed both seat belts from their seats.

van headliner remove


We popped off the plastic coat hooks and undid the T30 Torx bolt. Then we wedged a flathead screwdriver between the plastic column and the fabric of the headliner and used leverage to pop out the metal clips attaching the plastic column to the side of the van. 💢

It was a matter of carefully popping out all the clips moving downwards, and unhooking the column from the bottom and threading the loosened seatbelt out through the hole.

van headliner remove


The sun visors are held in with four T30 Torx bolts, two on the side and two underneath, and are very tough to remove (and even tougher to reinstall later). 😒

van headliner remove

top tip

Getting either some Torx Allen Keys or a Torx Screwdriver Set is essential for German made vans like Sprinters or Crafters, nearly all main bolts are Torx and everything is a different size, so you need a complete set.


In RHD vehicles (UK, Aus, NZ), you have to be on the driver’s side, and with LHD (EU, USA, the rest of the world basically), you’ll need to be on the passenger side.

We got a flat-head screwdriver and carefully wedged it between the thin see-through plastic of the light casing and the main plastic of the whole light console (best shown in our video).

Carefully we popped off the casings and pushed in the two plastic release clips, which unlatched the whole central light console from its nestled home in the headliner.

Since we struggled to remove the two wire connectors, we ended up taking the whole thing apart, right down to the circuit board, before realising we needed to pull a little bit harder on the white connector and poke a mini screwdriver in a tiny hole on the brown connector.

No circuit board dismantling is required.

Why do things have the feel so plasticy? You always feel like you’re going to break them. 😶

van headliner remove
van headliner remove


The final things to remove before the headliner can come off are the front plastic trims on the edges of the windscreen (a simple flat head screwdriver wedging and pulling is all it took), and along the top of the headliner, there are plastic clips holding it in place (more pulling required).

Pop pop crack crack. 💢

van headliner remove


With everything removed, we finally pulled out the headliner! It took a bit of wiggling and care not to catch any wires, but it came out smoothly and luckily, without a single spider (although cobwebs and corpses were everywhere). 🕸️

van headliner remove

quick look

  1. Unbolt seat belt
  2. Remove side columns
  3. Unbolt sun visors and lightbox
  4. Unclip windscreen plastics
  5. Unclip headliner from ceiling and remove


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